Syn•er•gy (sĭn'ər-jē)
n., pl. -gies.

About the company

ZynRg is an international team with a global reach. With offices in Denmark, Sweden and Russia. Our products are sold online and through global partners.


ZynRg Apps was established back in 2010. By that time, the idea of a perfect CRM and the product itself have been under development for several years. A decision was made to expand the team and involve the best professionals in the field to take ZynRg to the next level. Their expertise — through thousands of hours of development and testing — made ZynRg what it is today.


Imagine 100 companies in need of a highly-customizable workflow automation system. More than 80% of their requirements will be shared ones. Our thorough understanding of those needs helped us create a system that covers those 80%... and then some. If you really think about it, each company then gets exactly what they need, but only pays a fraction of the total development cost.

Customer Centric

ZynRg is more than just a team of business managers and software developers. We rely on focus groups heavily as we aim to create a product that speaks to its audience and anticipates their needs. By staying in close contact with various business owners, we also know the importance of keeping the TCO low and the ROI short.

Tailored solutions

When a standard solutions does not cover your needs, we develop a custom one tailored to your specific requirements. ZynRg takes into account all aspects of your business: the size, the resources, the workforce, the industry, to give you all the tools you need to maximize your potential.

Find out more at our sister site www.databasework.dk

Our story

ZynRg Apps has come a long way. From an idea of comprehensive but flexible CRM to an established business with branches in Denmark, Sweden and Russia.

Why ZynRg?

We are not afraid of difficult and highly complex tasks. We are passionate about our work, just like you are passionate about your business. We bring experience, professionalism, insight and energy into everything we do and we strive to do more, to do better every day.

100+ tools

A single platform that handles a multitude of different tasks.

10+ million lines of code

Worldwide could optimize their daily work better with ZynRg

10+ years

ZynRg has years and years of practical experience at its core.

Meet the Team

This is a group of dedicated professionals who work to make ZynRg the product you enjoy and can rely on.

Hans Hvidbjerg Hansen
CEO / Project manager
Thor Hvidbjerg Hansen
IT Guy
Nikolay Malygin
Senior .NET Developer
Vadim Tetslav
Frontend developer
Alexei Toropov
Senior .Net Developer

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Sales Nordic

ZynRg Nordic ApS
Snedkergangen 10-12, 2690 Karlslunde,
Tel: (+45) 3696 7557 .

ZynRg AB
Turevägen 6, 36154 Vissefjärda.
Tel: (+46) 0462 886313

Development: databasework.dk

Holding: www.hvidbjerg.eu

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