What does a perfect CRM for a small biz look like?

We know how tough things can be for a small business. You have the same needs and
processes as a larger business — you just don’t have their budget!
What we offer is an affordable but comprehensive solution that doesn’t take days to set up.
Yes, even if you are a one man operation.

6 points to consider when picking a CRM system if
you are running a small business.

Being a small business owner, there are certain things you’ll naturally prioritize when selecting that perfect CRM. Let us tell you how ZynRg fits your needs:

01. Best price
Once you start your search for CRM software, you’ll immediately notice how expensive most solutions can be. Not ZynRg, though. If you’re a micro-business that only requires the most basic features, you can start with ZynRg Free Edition. If at any point you find that you need more functionality, our full-featured plan starts at only 100 DKK/per month per user, or around 15$.
02. Ease of use
Let’s be honest: small businesses don't have the time to deal with technically complicated CRM software, or the resources to implement lengthy training programs. What makes ZynRg CRM particularly micro business-friendly is that it offers a very simple, easy to use interface that even the least tech-savvy employees can master in no-time.
03. Best practices
The Development and Sales team behind ZynRg has many years of experience with CRM, Sales automation and ERP systems. This – in combination with our knowledgeable ERFA-group – grants a ZynRg user instant access to proven business models.
04. Time-saving features
Just because you're a micro business doesn't mean you can afford to waste time micromanaging. The best CRM software for a very small businesses offers automated features where they matter most, so you can spend more time growing your company and less time managing daily minutiae.
05. Flexibility
As a micro business, you likely rely on several apps and services to run your company. One of the biggest benefits to using ZynRg is that it comes with many extra features to help you out, by saving you the hassle of using many separate tools, plus it integrates with more than a dozen small business solutions so that your CRM works seamlessly with the rest of your operations.
06. Customer service
Besides its features, one of the reasons small business owners love ZynRg is its customer support. Insightly's customer service reps were described as responsive and eager to help, which we found was true when we contacted them ourselves. The sales rep we spoke with was attentive and made sure we got answers to all of our questions.

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