Fully functional CRM software — completely free of charge.

A CRM is an essential tool for any business. A free CRM offers just the right amount of insight, optimization, and alignment for all processes to run smoothly from day one. And if at any point you decide that you need a wider range of tools, you can always upgrade to an enterprise-ready package.

Basic edition


The ideal plan for taking your business to the next level with greater effectiveness

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Basic edition


The ideal plan for taking your business to the next level at no expense.

How do different ZynRg plans compare?

Click below to find out how the Free CRM compares to other ZynRg offerings. Find out
how your growing business can benefit from upgrading to more Advanced features of the CRM.

Is the ZynRg Free CRM right for me?

It is, if you are managing a startup or if you are a solo entrepreneur managing all aspects of your business on your own. ZynRg will give you a much better overview of the project and will help you grow faster.

ZynRg Free CRM is the best choice if you...

Have a small
company or department
Streamline internal communications within a small or even a micro company.
Don’t want
complicated processes
An excellent choice for small groups of people looking for the greatest amount of flexibility, security and upward mobility.
Have a business
that deals with sales
If your company is in the sales or service industry, you absolutely need our CRM system for processing incoming
leads and tasks.

Need just a little bit extra?

Attracted to the simplicity of ZynRg Free CRM, but eager to advance your business? We’ve got just the right solution for you! For a fixed low monthly fee, you can get access to a Premium Sales and Management tool. It’s just the kind of instrument you need to give your business an extra push for growth. No long term investments required!

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